Tensioning of the catenary

Correct tensioning of the catenary is extremely important for proper machine drive performance. If there is a difference in tension between the right catenary and the left catenary it will be impossible to drive in a straight line. To prevent malfunctioning, periodically check the tension on both catenaries A. Proceed as follows: – Position the machine on a flat, solid surface. Position a ruler on the catenary as illustrated in the image. Measure the distance C (arrow) between the two parts. – Use the table below to find the “arrow” value C that gives tensioning: see the figure that corresponds to the chain pitch of your undercarriage. If the actual value C is greater, adjust the tension; bear in mind that the tension adjuster is of the spring type:
  • pitch (mm) = 125, 140, 155 C= 20 mm
  • pitch (mm) = 160, 171, 175, 190 C = 35
  • pitch (mm) = 203, 215,228,260 C =50