Conveyor for heavy-duty operation

These Conveyors are engineered for heavy-duty operation and for primary or subsequent application stages. These custom-built machines are designed to suit individual requirements of capacity, size and material handled. These machines could be used on mobile crushing system.

Construction based on undercarriage components Basically these conveyors look like a conveyor but are built with undercarriage components such as heavy duty rollers, sprockets, idler rollers, chains and shoes.
• Impact loads are absorbed by pans which are similar to heavy-duty track-type undercarriage shoes
• Pans (shoes) are bolted to forged link chains supported on heavy-duty lifetime lubricated rollers
• High strength spans resist abrasion and withstand heavy impact loads
• Chain and roller flanges maintain rigid alignment of shoes in relation to skirt
• Electrical motion keep the conveyor usable in health care environments such as tunnel or other special jobsites

The TracMec apron feeder also has an integral built-in drive system which ensures an a compact and convenient layout. The feeders are specially designed to guarantee the maximum performance.